RACPA UK - Team Supporters

These amazing ladies and gentlemen are all members of our wonderful and ever growing army of supporters who go above and beyond for us in a hundred different ways. Be it attending gigs and working alongside us for the day, organising and hosting gigs for us, creating brilliant sponsored events to raise funds for us...and so much more!

This is not everyone by any means...and this is a page that will just continue to grow as we add new friends ...we can only ever say thank you to them...but then they expect nothing more...and they are ALL stars!

  • Helena - who has worked on our information and merchandise stall alongside us.

  • Debra - who works on our merchandise page Present Needles!

  • Al - who has been our technical advisor for a long time and also set up Club L’arpie for us.

  • David, Elaine and Kezza - who have worked their socks off organising the NLC/RACPA UK festivals for the last two years and will be doing so again this coming May.

  • Jonny and his alter ego Slagbot - who has danced on railway stations and ran marathons to raise funds for us, and his lovely girlfriend Savannah who baked some wonderful cookies to sell at our last NLC event.

  • Mandi - who has come up with some wonderful fun ideas to raise funds for us, including a PJ Pub Crawl round Leeds.

  • Amanda and Cheyenne - who have supported us for many years, created a wonderful set of hand crafted Christmas cards for us , as well as some wonderful graphics, made many donations to us, attend as many gigs as they can, and also provided cake!

  • Red Imp Shaw - who has face painted herself to a standstill on our behalf, and donated her takings to us with a tired smile.

  • Karen - who has worked on our websites and designed a lot of the graphics around the RACPA UK profiles and also raised funds for us with a sponsored slim!

  • Trace - who has created graphics, run profiles, and created great promotional films for us.

  • Mark - who has photographed so many of our gigs for us, working himself silly, and for whom we always provide CAKE

  • Tony, Cath and Ellie - who have photographed so many gigs, and provided so much cake ;)... and kindly donated the proceeds to us!

  • Sean - who has photographed many gigs and also donated some of his amazing prints to us to raise funds.

  • Mike - another of our amazing photographers, all of whom offer their services for free in support of our work.


RACPA UK is pleased to be affiliated to the following organisations
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  • Metal Shock Finland

  • New Disorder Music Festival

  • Noize Level Critical

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